Medical data included duration of fertility treatment, type of actual treatment, infertility diagnosis, as well as previous pregnancies and deliveries. Indeed, they expect from the very beginning that there will be more obstacles to overcome because of their cultural differences, which makes them more resilient to face difficulties. Therefore, commitment and engagement are often at the core of intercultural relationships. This can be more complicated for intercultural couples as they often use a foreign language to communicate and are more subjects to misunderstandings. This article was designed to give you an overview of key factors for success. However, some of these topics, such as communicating across cultures, parenting lithuanian babes in a multicultural family or moving to your partner’s country, will be further developed in upcoming articles.

If this person married an Italian-American from a different neighborhood of Boston, he would probably notice some cultural differences with his partner. If he married a Midwesterner of German descent, the differences would probably be greater. If he married a Muslim of Iranian descent, the differences would be much greater. The term “multicultural marriage” usually refers to marriages in which the partners come from cultures with significant differences. There has been much research on interracial couples that counters the popular notion that partners may be less satisfied in their relationships due to cultural differences.

You both may be putting efforts to not let the culture barrier come in between your married life, but things won’t fall in place from the beginning. An intercultural wedding is a beautiful event, but there are definitely some things you should know before and after you make your way to the altar.

  • “My mom worried that I would forget about her if I didn’t marry a Latina,” said Jesse Herrera, who married Emily, a white woman.
  • For, sometimes the ways they interact with their respective family/ social network might be affecting the rifts between them.
  • It took a little bit longer to navigate the choppy waters of getting to know them and the way culture had shaped them.
  • Demographer William Frey of the Brookings Institution suggests that the data show “we’re becoming much more of an integrated, multiracial society.”
  • Those are the frustrations that still keep me up at night, now almost 15 years into engaging with Indian culture.

We are glad that we have been able to journey and grow and change together. Moving overseas is one of those life-changing events that cause us to evolve.

How can we best respect different traditions?

Two people from the same racial background can show more genetic diversity than two people from different racial backgrounds, so differences in race do not account for differences in culture. A marriage can be multicultural without being interracial or interracial without being multicultural. Usually, intercultural couples believe that it is more important to be similar in personal values, social class, personality styles, and interests than in the dimensions of culture, race and religion.

Holidays as an Interracial Couple

We are not intentionally excluding or prioritizing any group or identity. If it feels like that to you then contact us and we will search and improve our resources further.

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There is a tendency to value things, but people should be of primary concern. Be aware of the differences between behavior modification or adaptation and core value changes. Edelmann and Connolly demonstrated that gender stereotypes may be common in studies on the adjustment to infertility and may conceal the real reactions of genders. When the relevant sociodemographic and medical variables were controlled between these countries in the analysis of the couples as a unit , the “collectivist” vs. “individualist” dichotomy, while exploring cultural differences, disappeared. This “dichotomy” assumption may lead to incongruent conclusions, and therefore we have to focus on intra-cultural differences at a local level in each country and not on intercultural differences. When both partners share most of the same cultural assumptions, they are unlikely to find the minor differences a source of conflict. When people from cultures with significant differences get married, each partner must grapple with an unfamiliar set of expectations and assumptions.

In order to make your relationship work, you might have to make some decisions about who you are and what aspects of your identity you want to keep. Now, let’s focus on the second thing you can start doing right now for your relationship. About 36% of Asian female newlyweds married outside of their race in 2010, compared to just 17% percent of Asian male newlyweds.